Regardless interview

Who are Regardless?

Regardless come from Saint Petersburg in Russia and play “some mix of punk rock and melodic / dark hardcore”. This interview was answered by guitarist-vocalist Sergei “Detrit”. The other members are vocalist Johnny, bassist David and drummer Alex. All of them have participated in various punk projects before, so starting gigs immediately came naturally.


Regardless released their first demo in 2019 and toured Finland with local band Menetetty Maa. Later in 2020 three songs were published on an international compilation called Trans-Border D.I.Y. Punk Attack vol. 1. Right now they are recording a full-length album. In keeping with the band’s D.I.Y. attitude, the album will be recorded and mixed by Sergei himself. He sees that as a way of self-development, which is important for everybody.

Russia with Putin sucks!

At the moment they cannot plan any future tours, just like many other bands worldwide because of the virus situation and closed borders. No one really knows when borders will be open again, but “when that happens, we will be really happy because Russia with Putin sucks!” declares Sergei. He continues “And this COVID period is one more confirmation of it”. The Russian government has given nothing to it’s people. People stay at home in self-isolation, pay taxes, mortgages, public services, credits etc. They don’t have money for food as most Russians are poor and live from hand to mouth. Government doesn’t support small and medium businesses so many of them are destroyed. This also has a big impact on many clubs and venues, which are closed forever!

Only solution to problems with cops

The only way to make gigs now is with word of mouth underground forest festivals without internet promotion, so the cops don’t know about punk gigs. “Cops every year try to prevent such hardcore punk / metal punk festivals, sometimes they get it, sometimes not.” says Sergei. He continues “Sometimes they break down even really small gigs in small clubs if bands which play there openly criticize goverment.” Once they had just started to play when cops came inside and used pepper spray inside the venue and then went outside themselves. Their tactics just made people more angry and more united than before. The hardcore punk scene in Russia is strong and getting even stronger!

Frightening government

“Personally, I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but I know our government, which never acts in the interests of residents, but is only interested in retaining its power in any way. Therefore, this fact of total surveillance looks intimidating. In addition, Putin recently introduced constitutional amendments to rule the country for end of his days. And this means that in Russia for a very long time there will be no fair elections, any change of power and an improvement in the standard of living. Instead, corruption, dictatorship, police lawlessness and repression will continue to flourish. So if you ask me what people in Russia are more afraid of: a COVID or a government that we will have to live with for a very long time, then I will answer: of course the government! In conclusion, I want to wish health to all readers at this difficult time and to convey condolences to everyone who suffered or lost loved ones due to COVID. And remember: While we are one, we are invincible!” declares Sergei.

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