Suckerpunch interview

1. Introduce yourselves and your band

Hi we are Suckerpunch a four piece punk band from Birmingham uk. We have been doing our punk rock thing since 2015. We have released one album. An eye for a lie, and a couple of live albums which are all available on our Bandcamp page 

We are Neil, vocals / guitar 

Craig, Bass

Jay Jay, Drums

Joe, lead guitar 

Playing live is our thing so check us out

2. On your recent gig list you say you will have several gigs in the UK, but you also have toured Europe before. Where? And what were your favourite venues/cities?

We have played all over the uk. Some of our favourite gigs have been at the rebellion festival and the Waterloo bar in Blackpool. Any time we play our home city of Birmingham is fantastic and recently we have done shows in London at the black heart in Camden and a headline show at the  hope & anchor in Islington. 

In Europe we have done 4 mini tours of Germany & Holland playing in Bremen, Düsseldorf & Groningen, these have included headlining shows at the AK47 venue in Dusseldorf and the Meisenfrei blues club in Bremen 

3. Do you have plans for future tours?

As we move into 2024 we are looking to plan another trip to Europe and also uk dates and festivals. If anyone would like to book us get in touch at

4. How much does Brexit affect touring punk bands?

As we are a very small DIY band we haven’t really seen any issues from Brexit. At customs it is very obvious we don’t have a massive crew, it’s normally ourselves plus a driver, or we aren’t taking thousands of pounds worth of merch or equipment with us. So we tend to be left alone apart from the standard checks.

5. Would printing merch and getting a van and backline from the EU make sense? Or is it better to import those to the EU and back to the UK?

For a band our size there’s no benefit in getting any merch or backline from the EU, I could see larger bands doing that to save costs 

6. You have just released a new single, In Verto. Could you tell us about the making process of it?

Our new single, in verto, came out in October 23. As like most of our songs it stemmed from a couple of ideas that we jammed in the rehearsal room until we had the song then Neil came up with some great lyrics and chorus for it. 

It was recorded at Abatis studios and engineered and mixed by the wonderful Jon Priestley and mastered at Red Shift Mastering. 

We released it on digital format only and it can be downloaded for free from our Bandcamp page or it’s on all the usual streaming sites. There also a video for it on our YouTube page

7. You also made an album earlier. How well does the audience take it?

Our album ‘An Eye For A Lie’ has been out for almost 2 years now so we are working on the follow up. It was very well received and we have been overwhelmed with the amount of streams it gets but also people still want the physical product and we sell the CD and vinyl versions. 

After gigs we still get fans coming up to us and saying you didn’t play my favourite song from the album but we do aim to


8. What your fans could do the best to support you?

As a small DIY band the best way to support us is to buy some merch or a ticket to a gig. This keeps us on the road and in the studio, or support us on our social media sites and tell your friends 







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