Material specifications


Please always add photos, at least one for featured image and social media posts. Do not use only screenshot from the video interview.

Text based interviews can be easily done by email.

Video based interviews needs more attention. Here are different options:

  • If you make an online interview, maybe easiest option if to use laptop and it’s camera and microphone. Quality isn’t the best possible, but in many cases it will be an only option. Please ask interviewee to send some photos and/or video that could be added into the interview as speaking only is bit boring to watch.
  • If you or interviewee have some cameras to use, it would be great. It would be great improvement, if you have 2 cameras and a microphone. Place cameras in different angle and mic on the table, hand, wherever close to the speaker. In this camera microphone can be seen in the frame. But keep in mind, that synchronizing is important. If you don’t have a clapperboard, you can just speak to the camera “Interview of Jane Doe, take one” and clap your hands, so it will be visible to the camera. This way, we can synchronize easily, two cameras, separate audio file, etc. to one timeline. And remember photos again.

Please always ask the interviewee, if he/she/they have some footage. Musician can have some material from the gigs, sound engineer can have (or can shoot) material he/she working behind the mixing table, a roadie may have (or can shoot) have material roading the gear to the venue. All these material can be added as cut off footage to the top of the interview to keep audience more attracted. Audience simple would like to watch more than the interviewee. Watching 5 minute interview with only the face of interviewee is too long unless the story is super interesting, but then interviewee must be some super star with super interesting story. The more unknown the artist is, the more other footage it will need.

If you have editing possibilities, it will be great. If not, just send the raw footage and we will do the edit. Always use the cloud storage for sending large files.

And don’t forget to send us information, who are behind the cameras. Once we have possibility to share income from YouTube advertisers, we need the information who should receive their share. Typically we share the income like this: certain percent for server, advertising, etc costs, certain percent to interviewer, certain percent to camera operator, certain percent to video editor, etc. And if you use artist name, please include that too, if you want your name public.