Oi Polloi: Blame it on the System -10″ review

First feelings while viewing the cover. The front cover is typical Oi Polloi style: rioting, burning police officers and cars etc. Just looks good. But the best thing is that the record is packed in a gatefold cover, something which is always great. Lots of stuff to read and check out. Lyrics and explanations included, enjoy! Record covers with things to read and see are the reason why you should buy a physical release instead of downloading music. And of course to support bands and labels. The vinyl itself is orange coloured, a really nice surprise. Even although black is my favourite colour, coloured vinyls are always great. Don’t know how many copies are orange vinyl, how many black vinyl etc. so your copy might have different colour. And hey, if you didn’t notice, the format is 10″ vinyl, which is probably the coolest format ever invented!

Let’s get into the music. The record starts with pub noise, which creates a party mood right away. First song up is “Down the pub”, which is quite slow but very rocking and makes me feel like dancing and yelling the chorus with the band live. Next song “On The Street” gives more speed to my dance with lyrics about punks and skins – anti-fa hooligans. The third song “Our Vegan Boots” explains itself.

The B-side starts with the faster song “Smash Antisemitism”. The name says it all. The second song continues the faster speed and gives an important message about not blaming things on the wrong target. Just “Blame It On The System”. Third song up is “Crust Party”, I can see in my eyes crust punx having a sing-a-long to this at Oi Polloi gigs. And drinking songs are always good party raisers everywhere. I think this song might be on some other record also, but not sure about that. Kilju mentioned.

Last song is the very rocking “Gimme the Cash” with lyrics about something I have been really worried about a lot, but this topic is not widely discussed. The system wants to track where your money goes and it is super easy to track citizens when you use bank cards in the shops, bars and so on. Why do people want to let banks and the rest of the system know where they spend their money? It is not their business to know if you buy wheat or rye bread, so why give that information to them? It is your money, not theirs. It is your decision where you use it. You earned it. Just use simply cash only whenever it is possible, and use it more to keep cash available in the future too. It would be a nightmare world where every single payment is made only by cards. Do we want this future? Avoid cards always when possible.

All in all, this record continues Oi Polloi’s good music with proof that punks will be singing and pogoing at their gigs. Nothing really new, but just the music you expect. If you liked any of their earlier records, this is a must to get! If you didn’t, buy this one and give them a new try, probably you’ll like this one. This is a 5-way split release between Urinal Vinyl, Fire and Flames, Maloka, Profane Existence and Sick World, so you should find it near you quite easily and don’t forget to support distros worldwide as well.

If I want to find something negative, there’s nothing written on the cover spine and it’s a bit hard to slide the record back into the covers as the cover seems to be slightly too small for the record with the paper sleeve.

Ah yes, the sound is really good, clear but loaded with distortion. I believe they must have spent a while in the studio in Germany and the sound engineer knows his job well.

Uh, how many points will I give this? Definitely it is at least 8, but that would be too low. Coolest format packed in gatefold cover would even raise it up to the jackpot, 10. But as I found something negative I will give only 9, sorry mates, maybe I owe you some beer – or Kilju – at your next gig when and wherever that will be. Nah, fuck it, I just changed my mind.


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