Etuaste: Jumalan Liha LP review

A split release by two DIY labels, Beer Punks and Urinal Vinyl, this might be Helsinki-based three-piece ETUASTE’s first LP but the band members have all been playing in different groups for years – and it certainly shows. Veterans of numerous other outfits like DISPAIR, AMEN, KERETIK, HERGIAN and KANSALAISTOTTELEMATTOMUUS, these guys clearly know what they’re doing as they relentlessly power their way through 15 blasts of raging political hardcore. If you’re familiar with any of their previous bands then that will give you a rough idea of what to expect but ETUASTE definitely have their own style. Lyrically it’s all pretty grim stuff with titles like “Syyttömien Veri Käsissäsi” (The Blood of Innocents on Your Hands) and “Gulag Odottaa” (The Gulag Awaits) yelled out in bassist Kaide’s distinctive guttural vocals while musically, with the exception of the odd chugging mid-paced parts in the opening track on side two, it’s pretty much a non-stop brutal aural assault with no let-up. It’s also tight as fuck, with good clear, powerful production. Etuaste might not bring anything startlingly new or original to the table but if you like quality angry fast hardcore punk then you most definitely won’t be disappointed. 15 slabs of no holds barred blistering thrash – if that sounds like your kinda thing then check this out!


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